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714 AP2/Shaft Questions

In the Jonzone

Hey Mitch/TT

I was fit in the shaft optimizer to DG X100 SS, but currently game the S300.

I wanted to find out, how does the S400 TI compare to the DG X100 SS in terms of flight characteristics, stiffness, spin, etc.

Also, do you know the launch difference of the 712 vs. the 714? More specifically, at what point do the 714's launch higher than the 712's/same/lower? I know that the launch characteristics are higher launch in the long irons and more controlled in the short irons, but what statistically have been the results with your robot testing?

Thanks Team!


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  1. Dave T.

    I currently play irons with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X-100 shafts soft-stepped once. My new

    set of 714 AP'2s will also have the same shafts in them as well. This was confirmed by Chris

    Welton at Eagles Nest this past year at my fitting. I find a true X flex a little too stiff or boardy

    for me so by soft stepping them they play a touch softer, more like a stiff plus flex.Distance is

    the same but consistancy is alot better. I'm a natural high ball hitter so SS helps as well in

    bringing the trajectory down a touch. In terms of spin I don't notice a difference at all.

     Hope this helps.


                                                         Cheers, Dave T.

  2. Ryan P


    First apologies for the late response.

    Second, in regards to the shaft optimizer; it will give you some good shaft choices but is not a substitute for actually hitting with the preferred head and shaft combination.  The Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shaft is no different in charactierisics than a standard Dynamic Gold, the only difference is tolerance.  The "TI" is weight sorted to within +/- 1/2 gram.  However, the difference between the X100 and S400 is the S400 is slightly heavier and should launch and spin slightly more than the stiffer X100. 

    With regards to the 714 vs. the 712 irons, through testing the 714 3-5 irons will go higher, the middle of the set or 6 and 7 are more transitional and the short end or 8-PW will flight lower.  For individuals this will hold true for most as well.

    Ryan P - Team Titleist

  3. Andrew L

    I was just fitted yesterday for new irons by the Titleist rep. 

    I'm sold on the AP2's but a buddy of mine suggested that I consider rifle shafts such as Project x 6.0 instead of the stock True Temper Dynamic gold. 

    Any suggestions?

  4. Robert M

    AP2 swing weight?

    My name Robert I am buying a new set of Titleist irons I am 63yrs old Went Golftown in Sudbury With, my grandson who said  to go with an open mind And see what they suggest for shaft options and flex I could not   believe they said to play stiff with the AP2 irons  Average distance with a 6 iron was between 165 to 173 yds .I could not believe how this AP2 felt like butter. Plus I can Bend these irons if I need to in the future.I think I will buy the AP2 6 to GW ,Shaft XP95 stiff  as this shafts are much lighter then stock shaft and no up charge .What would the swing weight be 

    Thanks Team Titleist

  5. Kris B

    Hi Robert,

    I am 69 years old and have played the original AP1 irons with VS Proto 75 stiff shafts, 2 degrees flat for a number of years.  When I ordered my new AP2 irons I wanted a shaft and head producing a little lower trajectory, not as stiff, and able to produce a more penetrating flight for windy conditions.  My 714 AP2 irons, 5 through GW, were ordered through my local Pro Shop the end of October with KBS C Taper R shafts soft stepped 2 X, 2 degrees flat, standard length, and with Winn DriTac standard grips... request at time of order was made for D2 swingweight.

    I had learned from reading earlier Team Titleist posts that the swing weight listed on Titleist's website is D2 but... that the D2 measurement is with a standard shaft, Dynamic Gold S300, at standard length, and with a standard grip.  KBS shafts are a single wall shaft and are balanced differently than Dynamic Gold... if built at standard length with standard grips they would end up being 2 swing weights lighter than standard or DO.  See what you see...

     It is very important that when your order is placed that you request the swing weight you would like.... Titleist will make every effort to achieve a heavier swing weight by using a heavier head if you have chosen a lighter shaft, otherwise they will assume you wish a lighter swing weight than standard D2.  

    My 714 AP2 arrived November 6th and were measured by a local club fitter at just under D3... which is close enough to what I had hoped for.  I did have a problem with a 6 iron where the paint fill had come out of the number 6.  The local club fitter indicated that the lofts and lies may have been different than what had been ordered (maybe he was just looking for a little extra business).  My local Pro Shop contacted Titleist, explained what the local club fitter had found and...  my irons were sent back to be checked. I talked to Scott, Titleist Custom Shop, last week to see what they had found... he indicated that the lofts and lies were correct, as advertised, they have not had any problems with incorrect lofts and lies that were custom ordered and that perhaps the equipment the local fitter had used may have been incorrect.  Scott has been most helpful in expediting the return of my irons and ensuring that I was happy.  I picked them up from my local Pro Shop yesterday afternoon and played a round with them this morning.  I now have the peace of mind in knowing that my lofts and lies were as ordered and that the paint fill on my 6 iron has been redone.  They feel great and are everything I had hoped for and more.  I'm even able to hit my 5 iron again... where I had been using a hybrid.  I find I hit the AP2 irons approximately 1 club longer and with a much lower trajectory.  I love the feel of the new AP2 irons and would recommend them to anyone looking for a very forgiving forged iron.  Well done Titleist.  I hope this information helps regarding your request about AP2 shafts and swing weight.  Good luck with the purchase of your new AP2 irons... I'm sure you will love them.                                                                                                                          

  6. Robert M

    Hello Kris


    Thank you for your comments concerning the swing weight for my clubs .I am ordering the AP2  with a soft step XP95 stiff which will according to Titeist Rep it will be D1 swing weight .


    Thanks again Robert

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