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2014 TITLEIST Staff Stand Bag

Michael Martysiewicz Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

Anyone else see the new bags coming in 2014 personally i think the staff carry bag is awesome ! great work TITLEIST 

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  1. Oviechkin

    Hey Mike,

    Yea I saw that too, they look amazing. I am deff getting one. It seems that they are not in the catalog for canada though. We might have to do a trip down to the states to grab one. I think that's the best addition they could have come up with, when it comes to accessories.  Such a good looking bag.


  2. Shawn P.

    Wow that is such a sharp looking bag. Looks like I'll be making another purchase. Hands down to Titleist for all these great innovations.

    Cheers Shawn

  3. Clayton D

    I saw these the other day and really like the looks of them.  The only thing that concerns me is that it only has 4 slots for the clubs, so probably lots of bag chatter. I just got the mid sized staff bag last year and love it.  But I am still interested in this  staff stand bag. Very nice !! 

  4. Steve H

    Wow they are looking great. I currently have a cart bag and looking at getting a stand bag so much lighter and sharp.  Guess im going to ask for it for my Birthday.



    Steve H.

  5. Andrew R

    Very sharp looking!
  6. Michael Martysiewicz


  7. Oviechkin

    Hey Mike, can you post a link for the golf town website. I can't seem to find it on there.



  8. Jake S

  9. Oviechkin


  10. Mitch D

    Thank you all for your posts and excitement for this product.

    Prior to visiting any Titleist Authorized retailers in Canada for purchase this bag, please be sure to call ahead first as it is unlikely that they will have it in stock.  Instead, they will have to 'special order' it for you as this bag is only carried in the U.S. 

    Assuming we have inventory of the bag in the U.S, it will arrive in 7-10 business days from the day the order is placed.

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

  11. Jake S

    I am ordering mine tonight. GolfTown's website says it's in stock!


    I'll keep everyone posted.

  12. Alex Z

    Thanks for the heads up Mitch. I think this bag is going to sell like crazy. Yet another winner by Titleist, way to go.

  13. Jake S

    Bad news guys. Golf Town's showed out of stock last night and now it's been completely removed from their website.


    I didn't get around to ordering it in time. Now it appears as though we'll have to buy from the States if we want one.

  14. Mitch D

    Did you try calling Golf Town and speaking to a store associate or Manager.  They should be able to special order the bag for you as they can do with many other Titleist accessories that are not stocked in Canada but are stocked in the U.S.
    That's all assuming the U.S has stock of the given item.

    Please try contacting your nearest Titleist Authorized retailer to discuss that option.

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

  15. Oviechkin

    Maybe golf town got too many orders and decided that they do want to put up with it. From my experience, golf town online ordering is pathetic so I wouldn't be surprised if they decided not to offer it online.

    Mitch might be right though. We could be able to order one if we go to a store and order it to that specific location instead of your house.


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