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Titleist Bag Embroidery

Alex Z

Hey Fellow TT'ers,

I just bought a new TT mid-size bag and want to get the Circle TT logo embroidered on it. Does anyone now someone locally in the GTA that could do a great job on the embroidery?

Any help would be appreciated.



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  1. FJL

    I'm thinking that the only people that can help you is the Team Titleist Admin Staff on this site, only to the point that you may be infringeing on their identity or copy rights if you were to go it alone or produce it from another source by way of asking in your original post.  So it would be a yeh or a neh on their part as they have the copy right on the image or logo. 

    It's a very involved and expensive process if you want to go it alone, you'll have to provide camera-ready artwork (to size) from a Graphic Artist with colour seperations and then pay a couple hundred dollars for the tape digitisation and then to do just one imprint, that would be, say, another $100.00 plus run cost, because it's just a one imprint job as opposed to say 500 imprints, which would obviously be less dollars because of the volume and depending on the capacity of the embroidery machine(s) involved. 

    There's no integrity in recreating a corporate image that is a copy right is concerned and I doubt that any embroidery house will do this for you whereby they would ask you to sign off on any indemnity toward them and as said earlier, unless this site can help you out, it's not a cheap process.... just saying, as I have a business that does this and it can get quite involved, especially if you don't have the permission of the company that has the copy right and personally, I wouldn't go there.  Besides, they may not want to promote their image on that particular bag for whatever particular promotional reason.  Again, just saying.

  2. Alex Z

    Thanks for your input F.J.L. Turns out I found a previous post on the exact same topic and it can be done through a Titleist Custom Bag Order.

    In the post there is a picture of the midsize bag with the TT logo on it and it looks very sharp.

    With this knowledge in hand, a question to the custom department. I have ordered the bag via the golftown website this past weekend. Is it still possible to get this done once the bag is received? Do I have to cancel the order and re-order via the custom department?

    Any help getting pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.



  3. Mitch D

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for the note.

    While that is a thread on our U.S Site that you have noted, we are indeed now able to embroider the Team Titleist logo on new bag orders and ONLY through our logo department.

    This means, we need to have the bag in stock in our Canadian warehouse (or coming into stock) and the embroidery has to be done by our logo department in order for this to take place.  Your local Titleist Authorized Retailer can contact our logo department to check stock of any Titleist bag model for you and place the order.

    Also, we will only be offering the stacked Team Titleist logo (see below) for the spine ball pocket for most stand bags and the front panel for staff bags.

    Thanks again for your posts on this topic!

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

  4. Alex Z

    That fantastic news, thanks Mitch. I guess I will check with Golf Town about the mid size bag. 

  5. Alex Z

    Is the Midsize bag going to be carried in the canadian warehouse or is golf town, shipping them in from the states?

  6. Mitch D

    Hi Alex,
    Golf Town will have to special order the bag for you.  They will call us with the special order which we will place on their behalf through out U.S warehouse.  Golf Town would need to let us know when the initial order is placed that you would like it embroidered with the Team Titleist logo on it.  When the bag arrives from our U.S Warehouse into our Canadian Warehouse, we will intercept the order and have it embroidered prior to shipping it to Golf Town/yourself.

    Having the bag in Canadian or U.S inventory will avoid you having to pay very high courier rates to ship a bag back and fourth to us for embroidery.  This way we can embroider it before it is even sent out! ; )

    All the best,
    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

  7. Steve H

    Thats great to know Mitch.  I will be looking at getting a new bag and i will be getting this done for me.

    Thanks for the info.

    Steve H.

  8. Alex Z

    That is fantastic, thank you very much Mitch. The bag already shipped but luckily I can just return it to a golftown and then place the new order.

    Thanks for all the great info.


  9. Matthew S

    That's awesome Mitch!!  Are you able to get the big Canadian Flag on a staff bag panel like we see on Delaets bag?

  10. Matthew S


    Have a couple questions about staff bag embroidery:

    1- is the Stacked Team Titleist logo available to put on the ball pocket on the staff bag? Or anything able to be put there?

    2- like I asked in my last post are you able to get the big Canada flag on the front pocket like we see on Delaets bag?

    3- Does titleist sell replacement blank zip panels for the staff bags.


  11. Mitch D

    Hi Matt,
    Thank you for the questions!

    1. Unfortunately not.  It can only be placed on the panel for staff bags.  You can place certain types of embroidery there but the Team Titleist logo is only offered to be placed on the panel for staff bags.
    2. You can get the Canada flag, but we cannot guarantee that it will be the exact same size as Graham's.  Those are embroidered through out Tour Department before the bag is assembled.
    3. We do not sell replacement panels for staff bags. 

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

  12. Stephen M

    Mitch Can you get the TT logo on the new lightweight staff bag in the 2014 catalog? If so how do you order it. Thanks Stephen M
  13. Mitch D

    Hi Stephen,
    All orders for the TT logo embroidery can be placed through you local Titleist Authorized Retailer.  Please just have them call in and mention it to Customer Service and we'll be able to handle it from there.

    As for timing with the bag, you can have your local Titleist Authorized Retailer place an order for you now to ensure that there are no delays due to inventory shortages come spring time.  As you can imagine, we are receiving orders for these bags on a daily basis and will continue to into the Spring. Ordering in the short term would allow you to receive your bag in early 2014.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

  14. Robert M

    Hello Mitch Robert M here My new mid size Staff bag has been ordered through the US Titleist warehouse .Just wondering what it would cost for Team Titleist Logo on my bag plus my name. Thanks Robert M.
  15. Alex Z

    Hi Robert,

    It's probably a little more involved than you may think. I had, on my own initiative, ordered a mid-size staff bag and then reached out about how to go about getting just the TT logo embroidered. It turns out that you need to place the order with your local authorized Titleist retailer who will 1) order the bag on your behalf and 2) Contact the Titleist custom logo department and instruct about the custom work. You are not able to purchase a bag and then send it to Titleist for custom embroidery.

    I believe the custom team has an e-mail on the website which you could reference to ask a question as well.



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