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Is there a new Titleist ball???

Shawn P.

Was just on the GolfWRX forums and happened to notice a discussion about a new golf ball that is being tested. If my mind is correct. I'm gonna say it looks like a new Nxt Tour ball. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm always down for testing out a new golf ball. Here is a link to what I found.

Cheers Shawn

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  1. Steve H

    Ya i deffently would like to test the NXt tour ball. I use to play those back in the day.  They started me off before i switched to the ProV1.  Well time will tell i guess.



    Steve H.

  2. Darbyson

    I am still gaming the 2011 ProV1 ball as long as I can find them, because I am not a fan of the new ProV1 dimple pattern.  I miss the seam on the  equator of the ball for putting.  Since putting accounts for half the game, I think its more important for scoring than "distance, durability and spin".

    If there is a new ball, please revert to the 2011 dimples.

  3. Wendy H

    Just guessing but this may be the ball we were using during the Titleist commercial filming? I wouldn't mind trying them out next season either.

  4. kevin h

    I would like to see and use the new ball if it is the new nxt tour because I already use the current nxt tour and there are great.

  5. Patrick R

    Would be nice to see a pro v2 at some point that will not take away from the pro v1 hype and performance

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