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Ask Titleist Fitting Expert, Chris Welton your Club Fitting questions...

Mitch D Team Titleist Staff

With the snow on the ground and the bitter cold amongst us here in Ontario, the Titleist National Fitting Centre is currently closed until the Spring.  This means that our Titleist Fitting Expert, Chris Welton is here ready to answer ANY and ALL of your Club Fitting questions. 

Having completed thousands of Titleist Fittings both at the Titleist National Fitting Centre and in his travels from coast-to-coast, Chris has a wealth of first hand experience fitting golfers from single-low-mid-high handicaps right up to competitive amateurs and professionals.

If you have ever had a club fitting question, now is an excellent time to get it answered!

We look forward to some great questions!

Mitch D (and Chris W!)
Team Titleist Canada

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  1. Darius V

    Thanks...  I will take a shot at this.

    I currently play the 712 AP1's and a 913 D2 Driver. I carry 3 wedges as well.

    My plan in the spring is to switch out my #2 Rescue (19') club with a new Titleist option.

    What I am not sure about is which option is the best replacement for me? I currently use the Rescue from the tee on shorter par fours when the fairways are tight, and also from the deck when trying to reach the par fives in two. The rescue is not that great in thicker rough, but plays well in the first cut or off the fairway.

    I was wondering what I should be looking at as a replacement. Would I be better to try the 913 U series, or the 913 F series?


  2. Darius V

    Sorry - My TM 2 Rescues is 16' not 19' as I typed in earlier. I am sure that would make a huge difference in club selection.

    I thought I would also note that a regular hit from the deck would be around 220 yds, while I have reached almost 250 yds from a low tee when on the tee blocks. The ball flight is generally very low and penetrating so when it lands, the ball runs a fair piece.


  3. Chris W

    Hi Darius,

    I would try both a 19 913H and 19 913F.

    Benefits of a 913H:

    -Provides a hybrid like feel that you are accustomed to with your current hybrid.

    -Adjustability with the Surefit Tour hosel.  I like to match hybrid specs (Length/Lie) with a players current iron specs.  A hybrid is meant to be hit like an iron, therefore using the correct lie angle and length is important.   

    Benefits of a 913F:

    -Can provide more ball speed, higher launch angle, and more forgiveness than a hybrid (at the same loft).   

    When testing, I would evaluate each model based on tee, fairway, and rough performance.  But place emphasis on rough performance, as that is an area that your current hybrid could improve.

    I hope this helps!



  4. Chris W


    In that case, I would try a 17 913F and 17 913H for the same reasons above!




  5. Darius V

    Thanks Chris...

    I will no doubt be seeing you in the spring for a proper fitting. I am looking forward to completing my set. Then it will simply be up to me to work on the scoring as I will have all the tools needed.


  6. Wendy H

    This may be a silly question but...... I recently got a demo set of 712 AP1's (5-GW). They are shafted with Tour AD50i, L flex. Would it be better for me to have them fitted at Golftown or is it worth taking them to a Titleist fitting centre? I'm a 20 handicapper (52 yrs woman, only played 4 yrs) and am looking forward to having fitted irons to help me lower that cap.
  7. Chris W

    Hi Wendy,

    When possible, I would always suggest visiting a Titleist Authorized Fitting Facility...which Golf Town is.  Some Titleist SureFit tools currently exist at 26 Golf Town's across Canada with more hopefully receiving them this spring.  Of course, that being said, our Titleist National Fitting Centre at Eagles Nest Golf Club offers the widest selection of shaft and spec options for you to test. 

    Additionally, at the Titleist National Fitting Centre, you would be able to see the actual ball flight, hit off real grass (weather permitting), measure launch conditions on Trackman and work with a Titleist Fitting Expert who fits Titleist Clubs each and every day...likely me! ; )

    Each fitting session is 1 hour and will cost you $100.  In your case, there would most likely be time to check some of your other equipment (ie Driver, wedges, etc).

    If this is not an option for you due to weather, timing or location, I would suggest going to any of our Titleist Authorized Fitting Partners (ex. Golftown).  They can check your length, lie, and launch conditions.  You can see a full list of Titleist Authorized Fitting Partners here .



  8. Rob K

    I have had the opportunity to work with Chris, and I must say, he knows his stuff!  It was a wonderful experience, and I left not only with the correct woods for me, but with a lot more knowledge.  Chris truly helped make a difference not only with my long game, but with my iron play in 2013. (I saw him in the fall of 2012)  He noticed a trend in my ball flight and we made a slight change to the lie angle, and it made a huge difference.  I had a great 2013 season with many low rounds and a lot of that can be credited to Chris and the impact that session had.  If anyone is looking to have their clubs dialed in, I would highly recommend a visit to the National Fitting Centre!

  9. Tom E

    Chris, First off, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! We really appreciate it!! I plan to work with an instructor this year (finally) to help make my game more consistent. Love the game so much that I have decided to put forth the effort so that I can enjoy more rounds rather than walk away saying "what was I doing, lol" Anyways, is it better to get fitted/adjusted to my clubs then meet with an instructor or take lessons to see if my swing path changes and so on then have my clubs tweaked? I did my fittings last season at GT when you guys held the Free fitting sessions. Thanks in advance Chris!
  10. Chris W

    Hi Tom,

    This is a question that comes up often at the National Fitting Centre. We strongly believe that no matter what skill level or stage of development a golfer is currently in, properly fit equipment makes a difference.  The analogy I often use is “would you wear boots while going for a run?”  You could, but I’m sure your performance would suffer compared to running shoes!

    In a perfect world, I would rather fit someone that is comfortable with their current swing.  This way I can evaluate the ball flight and make the necessary adjustment to their equipment. 

    If you plan on seeking some instruction, I would do that before club fitting.  Get comfortable with your swing and then find a local Titleist Authorized Fitter!

    Enjoy the process!



  11. Frank H

    Hey Chris, 

    I am likely going with the AP2's with the steel fibre stiff shafts but I have a couple questions.  Yesterday at Northview I tried the new 714's with the Steel Fibre i110, and I was very impressed, they reduced my attack angle from a high of around -7 to -4.0, improved the spin numbers and felt nice and stable through the swing.  Most people would just order them, but I have a question on the i110 vs. the i95.  I know the guy's on tour play the i95, so I am thinking it is likely enough shaft for me, I am 49, I play around 70 rounds thru a 12 month season, and my 6 iron tends to run 88 to 92 mph (depending on whether I remembered the Advil).   

    My thoughts are based on the clubs on tour utilizing the Aerotech Steel Fibre i95, are only the bstone product.  Are you able tell me whether the 714 AP2's are different enough from the Brigestone that the i110 makes sense, or would the i95 be fine.

    My current AP2's have DG S300 which feel fine, but I want the dampening of graphite, and the added bonus on the attack angle is a big plus.  As a final note, has anyone tried this shaft in the 712U 3 or 4 driving iron.

  12. Murray A

    Hi Chris

    I own the 714 Ap1 irons and purchased the gw1  at 48 degrees loft with the set. I am currently playing a 52 and 56 12 bounce wedges .I am getting more confident with my 56 around the greens  and am currently around a 15 handicap  but improving quickly.

    My question, is a 56 loft  enough  to be the highest lofted club in my bag.My 52 is my 100 yard club but I am working on getting the ball flight down some and a bit more distance .My 56 is my 85 yard club and  starting to use it more around the greens instead of my 52  as I get better with the 56.

    Is a 56 a high enough loft  club  or should I bend it to a 57 or go with a 58  and practice until I get good with the higher loft.?

    By  titilest delofting the pw to 44 degrees it has thrown a wrench into my wedge configuration.

  13. Ryan G

    Hi Chris,

    Quick question. I am getting new AP2's this year (4-9 iron) with C-Taper R+ flex. I am also ordering some Vokey SM4 46 and 50 degree wedges and TVD K 56 and 60 degree  wedges.  I want a little softer flex in the TVD's as I don't usually hit full shots with them.  Would it be a good idea to go with 8 iron shafts (soft step the R+'s) in those wedges, or go with the R flex?  I am thinking the R flex might be too soft  for full shots. 


  14. Chris W

    Hi Frank,

    Based on your description, I would go with the SteelFiber i100 for a few reasons:

    -Being a DG S300 player, going from 130 to 95 grams is a big jump down in weight

    -The i100 has been preferred by the majority of players I have fit versus the i95. 

    -Most important, you hit the i100 well!  Better AoA, spin, and feel.

    I hope this makes your decision easier! 

    Thanks for trusting Titleist!


  15. Chris W

    Hi Murray,

    A 56 degree wedge can be enough loft for some players.   It depends if you are comfortable inside 85 yards and can pitch it high around the greens.   If you feel like more loft can help in that area, then give a 60 degree wedge a try.

    Our fitting research shows that it is extremely difficult for a player to dial back his/her wedge.  Most golfers would benefit from an extra wedge so they can hit full shots.   

    If you have room in the bag for another club, try a 58/60.  And remember, Bounce is your friend!



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