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FJ DNA golf shoes

Dave T.

I know we usually talk about Titleist products ie:woods,putters and irons on this forum

but I just wanted to comment about the new Footjoy DNA golf shoe. I ordered

3 pairs back in Feb and just picked them up today. When I got home I tried each

pair on to make sure they fit well. I got to say they are the most comfortable shoe

I have ever worn. They feel like slippers. I don't know if it's the insole,  thin tongue

the foam collar or cleat placement but it just feels so right. I have worn many many

footjoy shoes over the years and these Dna's are by far the best. I can't wait to try

them in early April when I'm down in Georgia at the Masters. If anyone is needing

new golf shoes this season I highly recommend trying the Dna's.

                                       Cheers, Dave T

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  1. Michael Martysiewicz

    Nice, I cant wait to get a pair for my self ! 

  2. Mike H

    I just bought a pair of black and white ones last week. Very comfy. One thing i was surprised with was the size difference compared to my everyday shoe. i normally wear 12s and in the DNAs i wear 11 mediums. 

  3. Pete

    Sweet looking modern golf shoe was at the local golf store and checked them out so light I bet there so comfortable might just have to snag a pair :D

  4. Adam G

    I've ordered a pair, can't wait to get them on my feet

  5. Darius V

    FJ seems to have a lot of quality new shoes out now. I tried on a pair of the "Super Lights" as I have been looking for a comfortable shoe to wear in the hotter summer days. These were so light, airy, and comfortable. They are winners and in my closet waiting for summer !


  6. Dave T.

    I totally agree Darius. I have a pair of the superlites CT that I wear

    as my everyday street shoe and the DNA's for the course. FJ by

    far makes the best shoe, period.

            Dave T.





  7. Tyler G

    I was in the US at the end of February to play some golf and managed to pick a pair of DNAs up before stores had them here in Canada. I have to say, they are unreal shoes and extremely comfortable. One of the only pair of shoes I have owned that have been 100% worth the money.


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