Bag Tags and Lanyards

Started by : Paul S |

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Paul S

So these seem to be popular items provided by Team Titleist. Where or whom would I contact to be able to qualify to obtain these popular items? Thanks

Tom L

Put me on the list of want to know as well!       Thanks

Lee W

I would also love to know!


I as well!
Team Titleist Staff

Mitch D

Hi Everyone,
We'll ship one out to each of you shortly.
A while back, we sent these limited edition bag tags to Team Titleist Members who regularly interact in the Discussion Threads and had complete Profiles.
Of course, as we have new members join and increase their interaction with fellow Team Titleist Members, we're happy to send along a bag tag so that you can strap it on your golf bag proudly.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you in some of the Discussion Threads soon!

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Dustin T

Me too please!

George L

I'd also love one too!

Tom L

Thank you very much looking forward to receiving one as no one at my club has one yet so will have bragging rights!

Ronald L


Put me on the list too.  I want to show these tags off at my club.

Thanks /

Andrew M

I would also appreciate getting in on this. Thanks Titleist

Patrick M

Please put me down on the list. Thanks .

Mark M

I would like one also!  

Joseph M

Hey there Mitch,

If it was possible I would love to be able to get a bag tag as well.

Thanks alot,



It's a great piece to have on your bag and to show off the brand "titelist" :D


I would love a Bag tag and lanyard

Thank you