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Golf course openings?

Janice C

Well the calendar says spring but the weather has to catch up.  Normally here in Niagara we'd be golfing by now and courses would be open by 1 April.  This year it looks like the earliest opening will be 16  April.  I was wondering about elsewhere.  Has this past winter messed up your return to the links too?

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  1. Darius V


    It is so sad that the winter has dragged on for so long. I have been fortunate to go away but was truly hoping that the winter would have been gone by the time I got back. Global Warming obviously decided to take a winter vacation this year :)


  2. Mark M

    Out here in Sask, I have a better chance of snowmobiling on April 15 than golfing!!  I have A new set of 714 AP2's, 913D2, 913F and 913H, that make winter seem even longer.

  3. Michael Martysiewicz

    ClubLink says May 1st, same with The National where im working this summer is May 1st, im guessing good public courses will follow suit.

  4. Lee W

    Where I am in southwestern ontario, most courses are aiming for April18th.  Still is going to be cool if teeing off in the morning!!

  5. Travis A

    Here in the Windsor area there is a possibility that some of the courses may open this weekend. The snow is gone and we haven't had much precipitation in the last couple of weeks so it's given the ground a chance to thaw and dry. Supposed to be 16c and sunny today... at least I'll be able to hit a bucket at the range in comfortable conditions.

    Hope the season comes soon for the rest of you... it's been a nasty winter all over.

  6. Darius V


    Just got back to Barrie from our winter travels. This is a picture of the snow in our backyard.I measured it to be 22 "

    IT IS NOT an April fools joke unless it is a really good one played on us by mother nature.

    I can't see us golfing around here any time soon :(


  7. Travis A

    That doesn't look too good... but it is much worse farther north. In Northwestern Ontario where my parents live it is still the dead of winter. They had 20cm of snow on Monday and temps were -13c this morning. They sent me some pictures yesterday and the snow banks on the side of the driveway are about 2-3 feet higher than my Dad's head when he stands right in front of them. They would be lucky if the golf courses are open for the May long weekend.

  8. Mitch D

    Hang in there Team!  Winter has been harsh but we'll be teeing it up in no time!
    Let's send Mother Nature some positive vibes!

    Where will you be teeing it up for your first round of the season in a few weeks?

    Are there any tracks that you haven't played before that you're planning to play this year?

  9. Lee W

    I do not miss that one bit!! Lived in Barrie for 3 years and that was enough for me. Not being from there I was definitely not prepared for the amount of snow and length of winter.  Moved back home and can squeeze in more rounds in the golf season thats for sure.  Hopefully it melts fast for you guys and you don't have to drive a couple hours to get in some early rounds this year!

  10. Stephen F

    I'm in Belleville.  The snow here has been more this year than I can ever remember seeing.  There is still ice spanning completely across the Bay of Quinte and I can't remember the last time I saw that in April.  Our local courses are hoping for late April openings but in my opinion that's wishful thinking.  I think I'll be hitting balls indoors at the local dome (soccer field that doubles as a driving range by day) for the next little while.  Can't wait to tee it up again though!!!!!

  11. Michael M

    Hi all.  I am up in the Ottawa area,  Not quite as bad as Barrie or points further North but still bad enough.  We normally open the last weekend of April but I will be sure surprised if we make it!!.  First tournament is scheduled for 10 May and that might be dodgy.

    We have had some good weather for the last couple of days - so if we can stay on the warm side for the next couple of weeks - who knows!!



  12. Darius V

    Hey Mitch...

    Given the amount of snow up here, I may have to head down to the Hamilton or Niagara area to find a course I can play in April. I haven't played that many courses down that way so I will update the blog with a picture of my TT Bag Tag when I do.

    One course I am seriously thinking of going out to play this summer is Cobble Beach. My wife likes the idea of going to the spa while I go golfing and this place sounds nice.


  13. Janice C

    Beechwood in Thorold (Niagara Falls, ON) is opening for walking only tomorrow - Saturday 5 April.   $25 and it's a nice course.  Having said that, the Niagara Region is supposed to receive 25mm of rain today so all our courses open or not will be very soggy..

    Thanks for the bag tag, Team Titleist!

  14. Darius V

    Great to hear some courses are opening down in the Niagara region already. Soggy or not - next week is supposed to be sunny for most of the week. Could be worth a drive to get an early round in :)


  15. Jamie L

    Here in Winnipeg we at the very least 2 weeks away. But for those interested in taking a little drive, there are courses opening in the Fargo/Moorhead are about 3 hours south. Meadows in Moorhead is expecting to open Tuesday and Rose Creek is aiming for the 12th. 

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