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AP2 Gap Wedge or 50* Vokey?

Kevin R

Hi all,

Looking for opinions here.  I just ordered a set of AP2s with Project X PXi 6.0 shafts, but am currently on the fence about adding the AP2 Gap Wedge, or going with a Vokey.

For me, a gap wedge is always a full-swing club.  And, if it matters, I'm a digger.   My thinking is that the AP2 will have more consistent feel with the rest of the set, but the counter argument is that the Vokey will have more bite on the green.  The other advantage I can see of getting a Vokey is that there will be a fairly large gap between my SW and my new PW, so I can chose the loft of a Vokey to best split the difference.

And, if I went with the Vokey, what are your thoughts on the shaft?  Keep the stock wedge shaft?  Go with the PXi?  Same flex as the rest of the set or a little softer?

Thanks for your help!


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  1. Darius V

    It will be interesting to hear how you finally make your decision. I play 712 AP1's and purchased a Gap wedge for the set to match the rest of my irons. However - in the end, I found the loft and bounce was wrong for me as it left too much of a gap in lofts between my 52 degree wedge and the PW. I ended up picking up a 48 degree SM4 and the Gap wedge sits in the spare bag.

    Personally I would suggest picking up an SM5 with the loft you want as it also allows you to select the bounce you want at the same time to help with your "digging". I think the extra spin will also be handy to help stop your shots where they land.


  2. Travis A

    Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of Vokey wedges so it would be my suggestion. The big advantage of going with a Vokey wedge is that you can select a loft and bounce to suit your distances and swing. 

    I'm a digger as well so my wedges are all mid to high bounce. With some of the Vokey's I've had in the past I've even had them bent by a clubmaker to get the lofts set so the gaps are closer. Only by a degree or two... not sure if Titleist recommends it or not.

  3. Stephen F

    Personally I would go with the Vokey!   I play ap1's and even replaced the paw with a 46 Vokey bent to 45!!   I would also keep the stock shaft.  There's really not that much difference (in my opinion) when you get down to the wedges!!

  4. Kevin R

    Thanks all, for your opinions.

    After much soul searching, research on the net, talking to the staff at my local Golf Town, seeking the opinion of the TT Members, and my golf buddies, I finally decided to go with the AP2 wedge to match the irons.

    I know, I know, I'm going against the collective opinion of the group here, but my reasoning is that, for me, the gap wedge is always a full swing club.  I think of it as an 11 iron.  I don't use it for finesse shots around the green.  I only use it for that 115y full swing.

    The other reason I went with the AP2 gap wedge is that maybe 5 years from now, I may start using the gap as a finesse club.  If so, I can always drop it and add a Vokey.  I won't be to add a 714 AP2 gap wedge 5 years from now.




  5. Darius V

    The important thing is that you have made the decision and are comfortable with it. Everyone has a different swing, and in the end you and you alone have to be comfortable with the club in hand when making the shot.

    Your thoughts about not being able to fill out the set later is an interesting one, and as you said - you can always add an SM6 or SM7 at a later date :)

    Play well and enjoy ! 


  6. Jake S

    My suggestion would be the AP2 hands down.

    I am also a steep swinger (ie. digger) and have continously gone through gap wedges. I could never really find one that visually fit my eye or performed. Just recently I went through a wedge fitting and have since thrown out the gap wedge for an AP2. It's a little odd for my set since I have the CB's but it works far better IMO on my full swings. My gap is currently a 140-145 yd club so i leave my preceision type shots for a 56/60*.

    My only request of titleist is that they offer the gap in CB and MB!

    Good luck. Hope this helps!

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