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Shaalin P

I was wondering if anyone new all of rorys club specs eg driver - shaft - loft - flex - length - grips and any thing else for every one of his clubs

Shaalin P

cheerrs neil j

David B

Can i ask why Rory still uses a 906F2 fairway? Bearing in mind its a fairly old club.

Is it Distance, Feel or Shape of head?

I still use a 909H Hybrid as I love the shape and feel of this head and it goes like a rocket, I was thinking of a 909 4 wood to go with it, I'm now thinking about getting a 906 !





NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi David,

He doesn't - and hasn't for some time. He uses 913F 13.5 deg and 913Fd 18 deg. Check out

If you are thinking of changing, we would always recommend that you go to get fitted. The 913 fairways and hybrids will be available for fitting at the Titleist National Fitting Centres from January 14.

Hope this helps.

David B

Ok Thanks for that, maybe I should have read the date of the original Post !

Maybe I should try a 910 or 913. Are they both available in 17 degree lofts ?

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

No probs David.

Yes - 910 and 913 are / will be both available as 17 deg options in fairway and hybrids. And they have the beauty of the SureFit Tour Hosel system which means that you have a wealth of adjustability options.



Hi David ,

I purchased the 910 19deg stiff shaft, I got rid of my 5 wood and I didnt have a 3 iron, im regularly hitting the hybrid 200-210 its a fantastic club and you can also change the settings to please yourself, Hope this helps with whatever you end up getting.I now have a full set of AP2's  stiff,910 driver and Hybrid managed to get down to 9 this year, fantastic equipment from Titleist! You could make Rory an offer for his clubs seeing as he's defecting to the other side! Big mistake if you ask me,if its not broken dont try to fix it! happy golfing


Barry K


I thought Rory had put the 913 D§ in his bag.?

If you check the "Players" section of the Titleist webiste, it lists what´s in his bag?

best regards


PS     Are the Vokey Divot Tools (photo shown on the Accessories Section of the Vokey website.





NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Barry,

Rory used to be 910D2 and switched to 913D3 before the Irish Open. This is what is on his player profile on our website -

Did you mean "Are the Vokey Divot Tools available in the UK?"? If so, you can order this via the Vokey Store on - see details related to International shipping;jsessionid=FC9D559DCCC3816E526058226FC05326