New Carry Bags 2013

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Fraser L

I see that the new carry bags for 2013 are up on the US site. Any possibility we could be given a little taster of what we will be seeing in the UK. e.g. a new 14 way premium carry bag that isn't black and red?

I know a new blue & white RC cart bag is imminent - will a royal & silver 14 carry bag be accompanying it - should I make space in the locker?

Cameron S

The new bags look great. When will they be available in the UK?

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Cameron,

Glad you like the new bags! They will be available in January.


Stephen L


Will you be continuing the stadry bags through to 2013?

if so will the design be changing at all?


Stephen Ludlam

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Stephen,

The colourways will remain the same, but there are some minor graphics changes for the 2013 models.


Dan S

will the crimson/white colorway stand bag be coming out in europe amd if so when?

thanks dan

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Dan,

You can see all of the bags in the European line at

All are available now and can be ordered through your pro or authorised Titleist retailer.


Neil A

still awaiting the arrival of my new "Tour Bag", seems a long time to wait for it since i ordered it way back in sept 2012. A ny ideas when i am likely to see its arrival or has the container been mislaid/sunk/lost between here and china!???

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Neil,

Apologies that you have had to wait so long. Can you tell me whether it was the 9.5" or 10.5" bag that you ordered and which retailer you ordered it through?

We have just taken delivery of a number of 9.5" bags and they will start clearing the back orders, with more due to arrive middle of February. If you can tell me who you ordered through, I can tell you if your bag is one of those being despatched currently.

There are no issues with availability of the 10.5" version.


Neil A

ordered a 10.5" - Ordered through Golfbuyitonline, although they have informed me that, because of the weather, they are not receiving large consignments from their couriers

Neil A

Good News just had confirmation of a delivery date for my new 10.5" Tour bag. One good thing about dealing with Titleist and their retailers is that when challenged they ALWAYS come up with the goods. Many thanks to Titleist and golfbuyitonline for helping me solve this outstanding problem