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Dave t

I play the Titleist prov1 x golf ball and i am wondering if there is any chance of being choose to test the new golf ball i am buying the 913d3 on friday and i would love to have the newballs with the new driver .. perfect match i think i live in dubllin ireland and love all the Titleist equipment and i would be honoured to be choosen to test the new balls :)

Gavin M

i also play a prov1x ball and i found that the test balls i was sent out by team titleist are slightly better than the current prov1x balls, i think that the test balls have a more durable shell and dont mark as easily, i also think that the test balls are more receptive and fly further than the prov1x balls now, all in all i think the test balls are better than the current balls, the test balls should be brought out asap!

Paddy R

Hi team t just tested the new balls they seem a little longer of the driver and irons same back spin of wedges but best of all putter is very consistent lovly solid feel tks for the balls I hope this helps

Thomas B

Hi thanks for letting me try the test balls  great feel  and plenty of spin for playing around the green.



Gary D

What if you are from the uk