910f woods 15deg&13deg

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Neil T

Hi I recently purchased from the Internet 2 fairway woods 910f & a 910d2 driver I got instructions with the driver but none with the fairways are the settings the same as the driver if not can you send me instructions for the fairways

Thanks Neil

adam m


I am a left handed 18 handicapper. I was just wondering what fairway wood would be most beneficial to me. 

Thanks Adam

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Adam,

It really depends on a variety of factors ranging from what distance gap you are trying to fill in your bag to how you swing the club.

In such situations, our recommendation would always be that you go to get fitted - that way you can discuss with your fitter what you are seeking to achieve, before going through a comprehensive fitting process to make sure you have the best head and shaft combination for your needs.

Not a straightforward answer, but I hope it is of help.