When will the 2013 Titleist Staff Bags be available in Europe?

Started by : Yoon K |

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Yoon K

Just like the title says...

I can't wait to see the new 2013 Titleist Staff (Tour) Bags in person so I can decide in between the 9.5 / 10.5 version.

My local shops are telling me anywhere between first week of January 2013 to February 2013... When are they going to ship out the new version of the staff bag in Europe (or particularly in the Netherlands)?

It's already available for Pre-Order on many UK-based websites with an ETA of January 2013 but it seems like none of them actually have it available to ship out.

Anybody know??

Thanks :)


Hi Yoon,

I ordered mine in december(pre-order) and was told to expect it at the start of january, however i have just recieved it today.

It was worth the wait though and i personally think the 9.5 is more then big enough and looks great on my lithium powakaddy.


Gary      U.K