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Ok, so now that the 712U has been confirmed for a US release to the general public (though presumably still as a custom order as per the 913HD?) will this club appear at the UK national centres for fitting?

martin h

Hi Neil

That's great news, thanks for the update.




NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager


Yes - the 712U will be available for fittings in the Titleist National Fitting Centres from May onwards and will be available as custom orders from that time as well. There is not a specific date as yet, but as soon as this is fixed, we'll post on Team Titleist.


hi, can we pre-order 712u irons knowing our custom spec? 


Great news Neil!

What was the feedback from the seeding with regards ball flight and playability of the 712U? I'm wondering how it would compare with the CB and AP2 long irons.



NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager


They can't be pre-ordered as yet, simply because the system will not be set up for new product codes for a few weeks yet. We'll post something nearer the time about availability, dates, etc.


NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Duncan,

Feedback is very positive - the players like the forgiveness, versatility, workability and how well it comes out of the rough.

Compared to longer irons, it does fly higher, but travels further than equivalent iron.

Hope this helps.

Thierry M


and of course, the 712U will be available to order and a LH !

Can you confirm ?



NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Thierry,

Yes - the 712u will be available to order in left hand and there will be a left handed club at each of the Titleist National Fitting Centres.

Best regards.

James H

Great news, I was hoping this was going to be released.

i have tried other manufactures 2013 utilities as I was unsure if the 712u was going to be released, a certain Japanese manufacturer I found to be to chunky, and another well known american brand that like Las Vegas in their adverts... Well that was ok, but when the club is at address it sits about 10 deg open..

cant wait to see the 712 U!

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi James - some real interest in the 712u coming to market, which is great!

The feedback from tour players that I have spoken to has been very positive and this is evidenced by the fact that it has gone straight into the bag of so many players!

Will keep you posted through Team Titleist on absolute timings.


Richard C


Thanks for the info. Any news on stock shaft selection- ie graphite and steel?


NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Rich,

It will be the same stock options as in our iron line up - a list of which you can see from page 10 at http://media.titleist.com/images/titleist/files/UK/Titleist_Custom%20Club%20Options_Brochure_2013DT.pdf

Hope this helps