Titleist Sports Mesh Cap in sky blue - where to buy?

Started by : Stuart J |

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Stuart J

I was checking eBay yesterday when I found a Titleist Mesh cap for sale in sky blue.
It appears to be a Tour Sports Mesh, but I have never seen this colour for sale before, and cannot locate it in either the UK or US catalogues.
Is this cap available for sale anywhere, or is it due to be released soon?

Stuart J

To answer my own question, I think it is actually part of the Canadian accessory line-up for 2013:


Now I just need to find somewhere online in Canada that will sell and ship it to me!

Lewis A

Hi Neil,

i have ordered 5 Sports Tour Mesh caps in S/M black, white, red, green and orange from customfitgolfshop.co.uk. They have told me that the send out date from Titleist to his shop has been getting put back? They have now told me they shudder have them by next Wednesday as you are taking delivery of them on Monday the 15th. Can you let me know if thud is the case or if the date will be changed again.

if the date is going to change again can I buy direct from yourselves?

many thanks Lewis

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Lewis,

Your retailer is right, we have had some delays, but all is allocating now, so should be with them soonest.