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Alistair S

Hi TT,

i recently won a golf tournament,  and two similar ones the two years before that, with a full set of titleist clubs! Clubs are the best, I've lost my 910 driver headcover though and was wondering how I could go about getting a new Pom Pom version! I live in Scotland, UK !

cheers guys, alistair 

Alistair S

thanks for your prompt reply michael!

as you can see from my profile im a huge fan of your equipment! i would like to know how i could hold get a team titleist bag tag?

kind regards, Alistair

Chris B

Hi Alistair,

Thanks for your reply and continued support of the Titleist brand.  Please go to your Team Titleist profile and make sure that you have filled in all of your details.  We will continue to do a sweep of the system and send out bag tags to all Team Titleist members that have filled in their full details.




Cameron E

Hey Chris

Does full details include all of your clubs??

Thank you