Serial number on surefit adaptor

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Can a shaft be identified by the serial number on the surefit adaptor?

adam b

Ive recently purchased some AP2 712 irons off the internet. all still in wrapper apart from 4 iron and PW. im wondering if there is anyway to check my serial number ak500 781. only appears on the 6 iron.

reason i ask is i have been stung in the past with a set of irons on a putter. these look completely fine and feel completely fine. but i know how good the copies are nowadays.

Chris B

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your question.  This seems like a stock set of clubs.  Where did you take the serial number from?  Was it on the sticker.




Filippo G

Hi Chris

I recently bought in Germany a 913 f and a 913 h and I am not sure they are authentic. Serial numbers both on hosel and club head are 136299 and 062287: coukd you please check if they are fake it authentic?


David LM

Hi Filippo G,

I can confirm from the serial numbers listed above that these appear genuine. When I checked our system, the specifications of the clubs assembled are as follow:

913F - Right Hand, 15 Degree, Mits Diamana+ Blue 72 Shaft, Stiff Flex

913H - Right Hand 19 Degree, Fujikura Motore F3 95HB Shaft, Stiff Flex

I hope that helps and alleviates any concerns. Any other questions, please let me know. Thanks, David TT.

adam b

Hi Chris.

Yes i got the serial number from the sticker on the shaft, few inches below the grip.

ive since had them into my club shop, and they are also sure they are legit