Replacement rain hood for S82 tour bag

Started by : Paul C |

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Paul C

I use an s82 (10.5 inch) tour bag but one of the studs on the rain hood has ripped so I need a new hood for it to stay on properly. Please can you let me know whether replacements are available and where I can buy one from. Thanks

Paul C

The bag isn't under warranty so I'd be looking to buy one. Can I buy this directly from titleist and if so, how much would it be? Thanks

Jake B

Hi Chris

my s82 hood as come apart by the zipper, my bag is still under warranty bough it last July. Can I get a replacement??

Chris B

Hi jake,


Sorry to hear there has been a problem.  Easiest and quickest solution is to return the bag to the Authorised Titleist Retailer that you purchased it through and they will be able to sort out a replacement.