Shafts on ap2 712

Started by : Andrew Lea W |

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Andrew Lea W

Hi all, 

I've bought my ap 2 712 about 20 months ago and got fitted. At that time I got fitted with the s300 shaft the ball flight was ok.20 months on and a faster swing I found that my ball flight is ballooning and I have to much higher spin rate. I'm thinking about changing my  shafts. Has anyone had this problem or any alternaive shafts solutions. I know I should get re fitted but I would like to get an idea first before I spend 45 pounds first and then I may find out that the shafts are correct. 

Ryan K

Hi, I've just recently changed from the s300 to the s300 SL as they felt a little too heavy for me. They bought my spin rate down by 1000. Not saying they would help you but they did me. The s300 is a low spinning shaft anyway so not sure what other low spinning shafts are on the market but I'd contact the guys at the national fitting centre in st ives if I was you and get some proper advice


Hi andrew I had a simialar problem and i also thought it was the shafts but actually had noting to do with the shafts it was some bad swing habits that i had got into.Just something you might want to look into with a lesson before spending hundreds of pounds on new shafts!