913 driver shaft change?

Started by : Tony H |

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Tony H


I had a 913D3 custom fitted at Celtic Manor at launch date.  Since then my game has improved a lot and I would like to get the shaft changed from the current one.

I've asked my pro for the original specs as I was given a couple of different options depending on what I was after, but they cant find them, is this something you could find out for me? the serial number on the driver is - 960773

Want to also know the charges for getting the shaft only if possible?

Regards,  Tony Harbour

Tony H

Hi Chris,

Would I just need to book another fitting then? how does that work with charges etc.?

Chris B

Hi Tony,

Sorry for the late reply.  Yes, I would recommend booking yourself into the Centre again, or alternatively you could go to one of our

many Surefit accounts that have got a wide selection of options for you to try.



Tony H

Thanks Chris,  I have since had a fitting with my pro who is a surefit fitter and have found the one I need!!! Ripping it again now so I'm happy!!

just got to get the AP2's fitted now and my golfing life will be complete!!