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Allan A


First time on Team Titleist, looking at the possibility of changing my driver, 3 wood and rescue, what I play just now is not important. What is important to me is that the titleist seems to be more the low h/c golfer. My h/cap is 20 and going the wrong way. My main problem is driving, getting the ball off the tee, i appreciate the swing will be out etc etc, however, change the settings not your swing comes to mind. Yes I have been fitted at various times in the past, not sure which way to go.

So why the Titleist Driver and which one and why ? for someone with a h/cap and a slice, 

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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Allan,

    I think the first thing to say is that the most important thing to do is to go and get fitted either at one of our National Fitting Centres or with one of our PGA SureFit accounts - details of which can be found on our website.

    The benefit of seeing your local PGA pro is that they will be able to help not just with the fitting, but potentially to address any instruction issues as well.

    Some products do get pigeon-holed in terms of their suitability for a wide range of golfers - the only way to know if it will suit your swing and game is to get fit.

    I hope that this helps.

  2. Allan A

    Hi Neil

    I have been for a few lessons since your last reply. I have been treated like a star with a young Pro Calum Smith, he has a fanstatic way of helping and putting across the changes required. Calum & I will work away on these changes at his indoor coaching room and out on the range. Calum booked a fitting for me at Kings Acre, The staff there were excellent and extremely friendly.

    I warmed up and then hit 10 ProV1 with my existing driver to record some stats, the fitter then gave me 913D3 unless the fitter was changing the numbers somehow inside the unit ( I know he wasn't) the difference was awesome. Spin rate cut in half, could have placed all the ProV in a fairway bunker they were that well grouped smash factor reached 1,49, every ball I hit was no more than a meter or so either side of the straight line, it was some of the best driving I have ever hit. The real big thing was being told the driver shaft length was 1 inch shorter than my existing driver. How come the other people didn't even offer say that.

    The entire experience was just fantastic in comparison to the previous fitting.

    I am going back again in the next few weeks to try the driver, 3 wood and hybrid now they are available, if my numbers are similar to the last ones I will be buying all three and ditching the other three clubs

    Allan A

  3. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Allan,

    Delighted to hear that your lessons with Calum have been having such a positive effect.

    I think your experience at Kings Acre shows the importance of custom fitting and the impact it can have. Regarding the shorter shaft, I think that some golfers assume that a shorter shaft will simply reduce distance, whereas that isn't necessarily the case - additionally, the benefits of tighter dispersion make that set up an even more attractive proposition.

    Please let us know how you get on when you go back to Kings Acre again.

    Best regards

  4. Allan A

    Hi Neil

    "Please let us know how you get on when you go back to Kings Acre again"

    Well, the second fitting was as even better than the first, team Titleist at Kings Acre were FABULOUS. Graeme Noblett knowledge and time taken to offer explanations was fanstatic. Graeme's time taken to cover from The Best Ball right through from Driver to Hybrid was quit simple amazing. 

    I now have on order the following, 

    913 D2 Driver, Fairway 913 F, and a Hybrid 913 H.

    Looking forward to receiving my new clubs and starting to get less frustrated with my game.

    I would recommend to anyone to go and try before you buy. Titleist win hands down over TM fitting, or at least that was my experience up here in Scotland.

    New question, where do I get head covers for them, I would prefer covers which also cover and protect the shafts.



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