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Feedback on Test/Prototype Balls


Firstly many thanks for including me in the test! Great idea to test using your customers....and much appreciated to be able to feed into the development. I feel it helps your customers engage with the brand. Anyway on to my feedback.

Having played several rounds and tested on the practice range with the balls, comments as follows:

Seem to be slightly longer per club, tracked using a Nikon Laser, and around +7-9 yards with driver (910 D3) and around +5 yards on the irons (pleasing!)...they feel slightly firmer off the tee, although the control around the green seems better and I found I could be more aggressive with my chips compared to my normal Pro V ball. I was getting better spin control with less release or bounce on than my normal ball. 

Having also played on a relatively windy day (around 15mph wind speed according to BBC!) this ball seemed to be less affected in cross wind shots, possibly due to lower spin levels? This could be me, as can't guarantee two shots were hit exactly the same, however, as stated above, seemed to get little extra distance and accuracy. 

Tests were done hitting several shots from same place with each type of ball and trying to use two consistent strikes and shots to gauge the difference and then using a laser to track distance.

Overall very pleased, was considering a move to another ball at the end of the year, but this ball seems really good so any more additional information on it would be gratefully received please!!

Overall wear and tear on the ball seemed ok, but I generally expect to get through a couple of balls per round anyway..

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  1. Gareth W

    Managed a few rounds with proto pro v1x admittedly on a very wet golf course. New ball felt softer of the face but felt more like lower compression that softer cover. Very impressed with flight stability and dispersion perhaps helped by increased spin rate. Durability seemed worse than current v1x but I think their is a market for a softer, higher spinning ball in the context of recent groove changes. I would play and recommend this ball if it reaches the market. 

    Good work Titleist and thanks for the testing opportunity.

  2. Marty F

    Feedback on prototype balls tested in horrible wet conditions over the past month.

    Seemed softer than the current pro V's off the club face.  Showed slightly lower trajectory but with excellent plugging comparability.  Around the greens they behaved nicely and stopped exceptionally quickly in puddles.

    Can't wait until some decent golfing weather to try them again.

    Happy Christmas :-)  

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