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910 v 913

andrew g


I have seen some mixed reviews of 913 D2 now (versus 910 D2). 

Pros:  Sound and feel

Cons:  not a long or as good numbers on the launch monitor

HIt by a pro using a launch monitor and comparing D2 heads by simply swapping the same shaft.

Is it possible for 910 to come out better in this example?

Coming from 910 D2, do you need refitted with 913?

I had 910 D2 9.5 degree with Diamana Kai'li 65 for Titleist stiff flex (SS 100mph).  I was thinking of going for 913 D2 9.5 degree with Diamana Blue 62 stiff flex.  Had a quick shot on the range but have not been fully custom fitted.

Any thoughts?



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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Andrew,

    The first point is that we would always recommend a fitting before changing clubs out of the bag.

    In respect of the comparison of 913D2 to 910D2, all of our testing would suggest that like-for-like striking of the ball will yield better results from 913D2, particularly for off centre hits.

    There are situations, perhaps in the case of the pro you refer to, where a golfer may be on the borderline of low spin, but still likes the launch conditions of the 910D2 head and shaft combination. Because the 913D2, in general terms vs 910D2, lowers spin, simply using the same shaft as was in the 910D2 would possibly result in a lower spinning shot that does not hold in the air for as long.

    In such cases, it may be necessary to select a more lofted head, change the SureFit setting or choose a different shaft.

    In summary, a professional fitting for the new 913 driver would deliver better results than 910 in virtually every case.

    Hope this helps.

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