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Drills to stop the cut/slice shot

John S

I am trying to eliminate a fade/slice I have.  My posture and take away is good its the transition where i tend to come over the top.

Is there some drills where I can stop 'casting' and drive through on the inside.  Ive been told initiate the downswing by moving hips , leaving the arms to drop and come through naturally ?

Any advice appreciated.

Also had a fitting at the national fitting centre - it was fantastic


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  1. anders m

    Hi John,

    Often "Over the top" stems from overuse of the upper body to square an open face in the downswing. I would begin by checking that your clubface is square and closing on way down. Then keep your back to the target for longer at start of downswing. Check out my videos in the Team Titleist blogs (search for "Anders Mankert") or on the Titleist YouTube channel. There are a couple that are perfect for you with some ideal exercises. Please keep us posted on your progress!

    Anders Mankert -Team Titleist

  2. John S

    Hi Anders,

     I will take a look at the videos and let you know how I get on.  

    Just one thing if I start the downswing by turning my left hip - which has got in the way previously and caused an over the top swing will that help as the arms seem to drop into an inside track?

    Thanks  John

  3. anders m

    Hi John,

    Initiating the downswing really should not be by turning the left hip, as this will usually cause an O T T or, at best, "spinning out". The turn of the hip should happen later in the downswing, after the hip has moved towards the target. Too much lateral movement of the hip will usually result in the opposite problem - an in-to-out swing causing pushes and hooks. Look at the video on "Swing Path", featuring two rows of golf balls, which can be found by clicking here .

    I hope this helps John and let us know how you get on.


  4. John S

    Hi Anders,

    Thanks for your help I really need to solve this problem and you have been a great assistance.

    I have watched the video and it seems you initiate the downswing by pulling / dropping the arms down first before turning the shoulders then turning through, it almost seems you are turning through late but I guess the club will then be on the inside.

    I will try this at the range in the next couple of days - I am desperate to get an inside swing path !

    Regards  John 

  5. harry w

    This was a great drill and has helped me no end.Will you do any more of these videos?I would  like to pick up a few more tips please!Cheers Anders m

  6. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Harry,

    Anders did a series of instruction and tip videos for us earlier this year - if you search for "Anders Mankert" in the Team Titleist blog search, you will find them all.

    Hope this helps.

  7. John S


     I tried to initiate the downswing by dropping arms before turning through I must say when /I got it right the ball went straight and long... Im on the right path now.

    I did notice when I held off turning my shoulders as I was hitting the ball my stance was square with the hands coming through, is that right ?

    Thanks  John

  8. Jordan K

    Hi John

    I currently have developed this issue in my swing, its pretty annoying!!

    I have however found a drill useful to start to draw the ball opposed to push slice/fade. This helps to 'drop the club inside'  as opposed to 'come over the top'.

    Check this video, hope it helps you as much as its helped me.

    Good luck 

  9. John S

    Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for the advice the video is useful.  I would recommend Anders Swing Path video see replies above - this is really good 

    basically delay the left shoulder turn when swinging and drop the arms on the inside it has helped me a lot.

     Regards  John

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