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910 shafts

Mark S

Hi I am looking to update my 909 D2 10.5 driver. It has a Voodoo regular shaft which i generate too much spin and usually hit a high hook or slice. I am looking to change to a second hand 910 D2 at this time but not sure what shaft to go for.

I like the lightness of my currant 909D2 but would like a slightly firmer shaft and would like to hit it a little lower with less spin.

Can you tell me what is probably my best option.

The shafts I have seen have the Diamanna kaili, ilima, ahina and the RIP? Are these heavier and stiffer than my voodoo as I think I would be better off with a stiff shaft. I went for a club fitting with another manufacturer a while ago who said I was right in between a regular and stiff shaft but my current spin was far to high - I think about 3800 revs?

I look forward to your help and advice>

Mark S.

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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Mark,

    As always in these situations, we would recommend that you go and get custom fit to ensure the best specs for your swing. It's virtually impossible to make a recommendation without seeing you swing the club, understanding how you deliver the club head to the ball and seeing what your ball flight is like.

    You could look up the playing characteristics (weights, torques, etc.) of the shafts you note above, but it may be a completely different shaft that best suits your swing.

    I would seek some guidance from your PGA pro, a Titleist SureFit partner or make an appointment at one of the Titleist National Fitting Centres.


  2. Mark S

    Thanks Neil. was looking for your  standard Titleist speqs for these shafts, can you tell me the diffrent charateristics for these fitted titleist shafts so I can at least get an idea. can you also tell me What difference does torque make?



  3. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Mark,

    I have spoken to one of our fitting technicians at one of our National Fitting Centres. He essentially says that all of the shafts that you mention, in regular, would be similar in firmness to the VooDoo reg that you are currently using.

    Moving into a stiff flex, the closest to the VooDoo reg would be the Ahina stiff, which would be a similar weight to the VooDoo reg. It would be stiffer in flex and have a slightly lower torque.

    Torque is the amount that the shaft twists during the swing - a lower torque rating means less twist and contributes to a firmer feel.

    However, I would reiterate that what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another and that a custom fitting would be our recommendation.


  4. Mark S

    Hi Neil thats brilliant and just what I was lookinf for,

    many thanks.



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