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Ball recommendation after flightscope results (HELP PLEASE)


yesterday i went and had a fitting done on my clubs to make sure i had the right spec's in my clubs (shafts, lie's etc...), results i got were as follows :

10.5 deg stiff driver - club speed 96 mph, ball speed 135.1 mph, smash 1.41, back spin 2742, launch 9 deg, carry 185 yards

6 iron stiff - club speed 82.6 mph, ball speed 107.8 mph, smash 1.31, carry 141 yards


i told the fitter i was using pro v1x balls as i wanted to get distance with good spin round the greens but he advised me to go with the normal pro v1 balls as i would gain more distance and get even more control on greens.

my question is what would you guys recommend i use pro v1 or pro v1x looking at my figures above ?


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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Chris,

    The first thing to say is that all Titleist golf balls are long - in terms of distance differences, there would only be around 4-5 yards difference between all of our golf balls. Where there is a difference is in performance.

    The numbers in isolation don't provide enough information with which to fit a golf ball. The Titleist approach is that the best person to fit you is you - on the course.

    If you follow this link - - there is a lot of information about why we take our approach to golf ball fitting.

    You will find our Golf Ball Selection Tool at the bottom of that page that will provide an online questionnaire than, once completed, will provide you with two recommendations. It also provides the resources to record the results of your on-course evaluation.

    Hope this helps.

  2. InTheHole

    thanks for the reply NeilJ appreciate the help. i recently tested the 3 free titleist test balls out on course and found them fantastic and would like to use these however i have no idea what they are or when they are available to buy. do you have any idea of what these balls were and when we can expect to see them in the shops ?

  3. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    All will be revealed in the New Year (probably around 2 Jan!), so stay tuned to Team Titleist. ;o)

    Season's greetings!

  4. InTheHole

    all the best to you and your too pal.


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