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913 fairway and hybrid costs

Christian W

Hi I'm thinking of swapping my old fairway wood and hybrid when the 913s come out since buying my 913 d2. I was just wanting to know how much they would cost me?



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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Christian,

    You would need to check that with your pro or authorised Titleist retailer, as prices are set by them.


  2. Barry K


    if we click on clubs or balls sections of the website (UK, US, etc), they all show the official list prices as set by Titleist. It would appear that there is a change of policy on the 913s, which is not exactly customer friendly. Your answer to the questioned asked is in line with the new policy and also ncf (not customer friendly).

    So what to do? Google and have someone other than Titleist give you the answer.

    kind regards


  3. Barry K


    what unfriendly customer behaviour on your part. Is there a new corporate policy? It would appear that Titliest are adopting the attitude of the luxury car dealers or fashion houses. I expect that Titleist will launch the replacement for the 712s during the Paris or Milan fashion weeks.

    Apart from the 913s, all Titliest websites shows the official Titleist list prices for all products.

    I found the following information in Todays Golfer (I presume that they did not have to call their local retailer to get the info)


    Titleist introduces new 913 fairway woods and hybrids

    By Jonathan Greathead, TG Senior Equipment Editor

    Gear News

    11 December 2012 15:38

    Titleist have unveiled their new range of 913 fairway woods and hybrids for the 2013 season.

    The range consists of a 913F metal, as well as a 913F.d fairway option that will offer golfers a lower-spinning option, while the hybrids are also available in these two models.

    "The 913 line of fairway metals and hybrids represent another breakthrough in long game performance," says Dan Stone, VP or Research and Development for Titleist Golf Clubs.

    "We've applied some of the same advanced design strategies used in building the new 913 drivers to create more distance potential and greater forgiveness with the fairways and hybrids, while making further advances in ball flight, looks, sound and feel," he added.

    The new clubs feature Titleist's SureFit Tour weight location on the sole of each fairway wood and hybrid, which helps to add forgiveness or promote a certain type of ball flight.

    Both the fairway woods and the hybrids feature a centre of gravity that is lower than the 910 predecessors, for a higher ball flight but with low spin for more distance.

    Available: February 8th 2013 (913H.d hybrid available from March)
    SRP: 913F and 913F.d £215, 913H and 913H.d £197.


    king regards


    PS    I sincerely doubt that above response will be approved in full for display on the Titleist website.

  4. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Barry,

    The fact that there are no recommended retail prices on the website for 913 is not a reflective of a change in policy, it is more a symptom of a redesign of webpage format.

    The other prices that do appear on our websites are recommended retail prices. As I am sure you are aware, in the UK RRP and retail price do not really bear any resemblance to each other. Under European Law, we as the manufacturer have no influence over retail pricing, it is set by the pro or authorised stockist.

    I can provide you with RRP on Wednesday when I return to the office if that would be of help. I would then recommend that you talk to your retailer about pricing, as it is likely to be different to the RRP.


  5. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Barry,

    I did not see your second posting before I responded to the first one, so apologies for not addressing the issues that you raise there.

    However, my previous response still holds true - this isn't a case of a new policy or trying to be customer unfriendly, it is merely a change in web page layout, where the addition of RRP appears to have been omitted. I will raise the query with colleagues on my return to the office.

    Additionally, the RRP would be very different to what is charged at retail which is why we always recommend getting pricing information from your pro or authorised retailer.

    I hope that this helps.

  6. Barry K


    I sincerely believe that all Titleist fans would appreciate seen the official prices

    Best regards and best wishes


  7. Christian W

    thank-you Neil 

    I will

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