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Lewis A

Hi all at Titleist and Team Members,

i am looking to upgrade my wedges to either Vokey TVD or SM4.  I am currently using a 54 and 60 degree Vokey Spin Milled wedges. I now play most of my golf at a links course (West Lancashire).

I like the attractive plain look of the TVD wedge, but there is no where in the UK were you can try this wedge before you buy. This is probably the main reason I am leaning towards the SM4.

Is there anyone on here that has TVD wedges? What is the spin,look and feel like? 

Has anyone got any recommendations or advice on which new wedges I should purchase.

My choice would be TVD 54/08 bounce and TVD 60/04 bounce or the same in SM4.

Thanks in advance for the advice

Lewis Ainsworth

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  1. Tom C


    I currently have a couple of sets of TVD's. I started out a couple of years ago and got a 54 & 60 from the Ltd Japan release, then changed them for some customed TVD's when the wedgeworks programme started. Both sets i have now are the wedgework TVD's in oil can, 54's & 60's, one set all stamped up, one set plain.

    I love the TVD's, they look fantastic, the oil can finish has worn off to leave a great raw / light rust finish, which adds (IMO) to the great feel! Im a 6 handicap, but do not generate alot of spin, i can get the ball to stop when i need it to (with maybe a foot or two of back spin), i just cant throw it 15 foot past and screw it back! (not that it matters, just cant comment too much on the spin aspect of your question!) I love playing both the 54 & 60 around the green with little 'dinked' chips that stop dead after 2 hops, or check up on the first bounce and roll out nicely and i feel i can play them all day long with the TVD's.

    Really great set of wedges and i would higly recommend them!


  2. Lewis A

    Thanks for the reply Tom. Think you have just made my budget for wedges go up £100 haha. 

    Cheers Lewis 

  3. Colin D

    Hi Lewis

    I play my golf at The Island in Dublin a very tough links and I must say I got the sm4 last year and love them great control and spin especially on half and 3/4 hit shots holding into the wind etc.



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