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Custom Fitting - St Ives


Hi Neil

Wanted to say that I have now had 3 superb custom fit experiences at St Ives and couldn't be happier with all 14 of my titleist golf clubs, firstly fitted for the 910s and now 913, and also my MB irons and vokey wedges. Your man at St Ives was Dan Friend and his  advice has been first class and I would recommend the experience to anyone just brilliant 

many thanks Scott 

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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Scott,

    I'm glad to hear that you have enjoyed your experiences at the National Fitting Centre at St Ives - also good to hear that the importance of custom fitting has clearly been embraced!

    Thank you for providing some feedback - I'll be sure to pass on your kind words to Dan.

    Happy golfing!

  2. Lewis A

    Hi Neil,

    what is the best phone number for St Ives fitting centre to book an appointment. I want to book in for some new TVD wedges so I can try before I buy,

    thanks Lewis

  3. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Lewis,

    You'll need to ask your pro or nearest authorised stockist to make the appointment for you - they will have the number for our sales office. Just get them to double check that the TVD wedges are available when they make the appointment.


  4. Steve A

    Just wanted to echo Scott's comments on Dan Friend, i visited St Ives last Monday i found the whole experience very enjoyable, with Dan's extensive knowledge of all your equipment made the two hour fitting and 90 minute journey very worthwhile. Order already in for 913 driver, 4-5 CB, 6-9 MB, PW- 60 Vokey wedges, on the back of this fitting, so I'm looking forward to receiving these items shortly. Going forward I would never buy another golf club without being fitted first by Titleist, at least some good has come out my old golf clubs being stolen from me. The only small downside of the day was not being able to out the new 913 3 wood and hybrid as we were a week early, but that was countered with a FOC return visit. Please pass on my thanks to Dan. Steve Ager
  5. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Thanks for your feedback Steve - I will be sure to pass it on to Dan.

    Best regards

  6. Daniel K

    Hi Neil,

    I am booked in at St Ives for a Driver fitting and was wondering if there is time during the session for a fairway wood fitting too? Or does this have to be booked in as a seperate appointment?



  7. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Daniel,

    The official answer would be no unfortunately - we set a "category" fit at one hour - a category being driver, fairways, irons, wedges. However, it is possible that if your driver fit is relatively straightforward, that you may be able to try some fiarways and at least start the process.

    Speak to your fitter when you arrive and ask, if there is time following the driver fit, whether they could look at a fairway.

    Hope this helps.

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