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Japanese Golf Fair 2013

Matt O

I'm travelling in Japan next month and i notice that the Japanese Golf Fair will be on whilst i'm in Tokyo.

Has anyone been? Is it worth attending? What should i be looking out for and am i likely to see Titleist represented and offering exciting products not available here in Europe??

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  1. otta r

    I do not know about the japenise golf fair. but the golf is amazing in japan but very expensive the japenise mostly go to the driving ranges but some of the courses have travelaters on to get to the next hole. hope you have fun bye.

  2. kevin b

    Been to Japan a couple of times and played about ten courses. They aren't as expensive as you think cost about £80 for a round and that included lunch and a buggy and the best service you can get which you don't tip for  as they feel it's an insult. The courses were among the best I have played as we're the club houses. Take your clubs and have a great time

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