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Steve R

Can AP2 irons be built to a D2 swingweight with Project X 5.5 shafts 0.5 inch longer than standard (6 iron at 38.0 inch) and 3 layers of tape under tour velvet grip?

Team Titleist Staff

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Steve,

There are a number of variables at play here. Taking a standard set of AP2 heads, the closest we would be able to get the specs you outline above would be a D4 swingweight.

However, we do have "light" AP2 heads, but these are only available as 2 deg upright and this would still only get you to a swingweight of D3 in the specs you detail. Given that the maximum adjustment to AP2 iron lies is 2 deg, this would mean that the lie would have to be in the range of 4 deg up to std - they could not be adjusted to a flat lie.

Hope that clarifies.

Steve R