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Kuro Kage shaft question


I just had very good TrackMan numbers with a Kuro Kage Silver 60 shaft in another driver today, but I can't find that shaft at your chart, too bad. 

Can you recommend me a shaft that are equal to that shaft in a 913D3 head from your stock-options or maybe non-stock?

It was a S-Flex I tried but I need an X-Flex. My club head speed is 115-116 mph.


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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Chris,

    As you say, the Kuro Kage Silver is not in our matrix, but as I understand, it is a lower launching and spinning shaft than the Kuro Kage Black shaft that is in our matrix.

    It is impossible to recommend a shaft for someone without seeing them swing the club and probably best not to select a flex just on the basis of swing speed. There are lots of options that would provide low spin / low launch in our matrix - and you can see a selection at

    We would always recommend that you go to see your PGA pro, Titleist SureFit partner or get an appointment at a Titleist National  Fitting Centre to ensure that you are fitted into the optimum specs for your game.

    Hope this helps.

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