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Titleist 913 D2 drivers help


i am thinking of purchasing a new titleist 913 D2 driver for the new season and would like some advice please. on many web sites it states that the 913 D2 driver is draw bias, is this draw bias making the club face look closed at address or is it internal weighting making it a draw bias ?

if i wanted to counter act the draw bias (my bad shot is a wide left !) and get a straight neutral ball flight could this be achieved using the sure fit hosel, and if so what setting should it be at ?

i am told the 913 D2 is a more forgiving driver than the 913 D3 but has all the same low spinning qualities as the smaller headed driver, is this true ?

last thing i would like to know what you normal guy's out there who have a 913 D2 driver think about it performance, forgiveness wise etc... and are you happy with it ? its all right all the pro's saying it's the best thing since sliced bread :)

many thanks

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  1. Tony H


    I went from the 910 D2 and got fitted at Celtic Manor for a 913 me you won't be disappointed!!! I would defo recommend fitting though, for me the shaft has made a massive difference in the performance of the driver.  I wouldn't say it's the best things since sliced bread but it has convinced me that it's a hell of a lot simpler and easier to use than any other driver I've had!!

    For me on trackman, the D3 head spun lower than the D2 and this only helped me gain the extra yards that I wanted so it made the choice easy really. Couple that with the right shaft and you have a driver that will out perform most on the market! To put it into perspective, I tried the R1 driver recently with the identical setup to my 913 and there was no difference whatsoever in the way the driver performed and the fact you have to faff about with the 'compass' on the bottom to get it working correctly is just a nightmare!  The 913 wins for me hands down and i'm now in possession of the new 913h which has impressed me even more!!!

  2. Jamie W

    Hi all......

    I recently got fitted for a new driver...ended up with a D2 with D+ 72 stiff shaft. Having not been custom fitted before I can definitely recommend it, my weak shot with my old G10 driver was a straight pull if I really went after it, I soon found out this was down to incorrect shaft and couldn't be happier with my new set up! The D2 doesn't seem closed to me at address so I'd assume any 'draw bias' is down to internal weighting!!?

    I've just also received a 913f 17 with original diamana blueboard 83.......very impressed with this also!


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