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Obn upgraded - any good?

andrew g

I am interested in trying Oban shafts in my 913 D2.

Does anyone play with any of the Titlest Oban Upgrade options?

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  1. Martin T

    I have a 913 D3 with Oban Devotion 6 stiff shaft.

    I was fitted for it at St Ives looking for a shaft which would give me fewer (or ideally no) duck hooks. The fitter chose the Oban as a shaft with a smooth feel and a decent amount of torque. I have managed to hit it pretty well since with a straight flight and even an occasional fade or two, which is great. 

    On the Titleist custom shaft chart, it is marked as a low spin low trajectory shaft. Low spin perhaps, but I personally haven't found it to be particularly low trajectory. It works very well with the D3 for me and I have managed to get some pretty long drives out there. 

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