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2 Iron

Ollie S

Hi there its Ollie Savage

I currently play cally diablo edge irons and I am thinking about switching to Titleist

I am confident with my iron play and have no trouble getting the ball up and as a 9 handicap I am looking to increase my workability of my irons to be less forgiving and more shot making

I am looking at Titleist MB irons and I am wondering about a few details

1) when are the 714 irons going to be released?

2) what are the likely pricing for 712 when 714 are released?

3) what is the likely pricing for the 714 when they are released?

4) what are the performance differences between MB long irons and 712U?

5) is it possible to get an MB 712 2 iron

6) when the 714 irons are released is it likely there will be an MB 2 iron 

thank you



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  1. Tom C


    I might be able to help with a couple of points....

    1) New irons are usually a 'Fall' release so I would expect to see them released in October / November. They will prob start showing up on tour soon.

    3) I would say that the 714 would fall in line with the usual RRP for Titleist irons, actual pricing would depend on who you order from.

    5) Again, IIRC, the only 2iron that was available from the 712 release was a CB. No MB's or AP2's were available. Although a 712 AP2 2 iron sold on ebay not long after the 2012 Open which went for big money. Obviously a small number was made for the tour, but the only 2 iron that made it out to general release was the CB.

    Hope these help.



  2. Ollie S

    hi Tom

    thanks for answering some of my questions if you happen to know anyone who might have more answers or come across them yourself it would be greatly appreciated if you could get them to join the discussion.

    thanks again Tom


  3. BRIS

    Hi, the way forward is 712u long irons. I,ve just got 2&4 in them, awesome playability ! Mix them in whatever titleist model you decide and your on to a winner! Prototyped on tour. They are the "bisso"!

                             Hope it helps


  4. Ollie S

    Hi Bris

    what I'm thinking from the replies you and Tom gave me is to go 3-PW and a 712U in 2 iron

    let me know what you think more details on my game are on the details in my first comment.

    If you have any more advice or information regarding my questions it would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you Bris and Tom


  5. BRIS

    Hi Ollie,

                Sounds good to me, when you see the 712u 2 iron you,ll prob want the 3&4 aswell, get fitted at a titleist fitting centre is the best idea, you can give them all a go then,

                                              Happy hunting!


  6. Martin H


    You could always look at combo set of irons say 3-6 in the CB and 7-PW in the MB. This will allow more forgiveness in the longer irons without losing any of the workability and you can of course get a CB 2-iron.

  7. Ollie S

    Thanks guys

    all this advice is giving me so many choices that I am going to struggle to keep the 14 club limit in the bag

    thank you so much


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