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Cavity versus blades for high handicap

Shane M


I currently play with razor x Black cavity backs.Currently my handicap is 19.Iron play is consistent but my up and down game is poor hence the high handicap.One of my friends had Titleist blades in his bag so I had a shot with the 4 iron.The difference was amazing.The shot was perfectly straight and the feel of the face was fantastic.It has made me wonder should I turn to blades instead of the cavity backs.What are your thoughts on this of course fitting is essential.



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  1. Ollie S

    Hi Shane

    My current handicap is 9 so take what you want from what I'm going to say.

    if you're ball flight is reasonably consistent in shape and height and you have a good launch then blades may be the way forward.

    however, the way you're cavity backs perform will be different to blades.

    The main difference is lack of forgiveness with blades, they are better for centre hits with a more penetrating ball flight and increased workability for ease in shaping shots. But the downside is off centre hits will lose a lot of distance and you will fall significantly short.

    The biggest difference you will find is in the long irons and that is where you're personal preference comes in I know personally I have no issues with long irons and therefore blades are a good idea.

    I wanted to help you out as I am currently facing a near identical dilemma of my current cavity back or blades and I too play cally cavity backs and thought all I learnt may help.

    hope I helped


  2. Shane M

    Hi Ollie,

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm thinking of Titleist CB forged 3 to SW.Probably cleaner strike on links courses throughout the year and better for Park Land courses for summer conditions.I can resort to my cavity backs during the winter.Fitting will be an essential requirement for the blades so I think I have made my decision.

    Blades it is...


  3. Ollie S

    Hi Shane

    I'm glad I could help

    I to have reached the decision as soon as I can scrape together the money I will g to MB 3-PW


  4. Shane M


    Scheduled an appointment with the Titleist Pro Allan that  was being organised with a club in Eire . Spoke with the Titleist expert and stated my position 19 handicap wanted to be fitted for Cb irons.I was waiting for his recommendation for the Ap2 irons but the Titleist Pro said ok and set me up with a cb iron and the rest was history.The feel and shot was amazing.shot perfect and the pro changed the lie and shaft to suit my swing and hey presto ,perfect shots amazing.I could feel the shot from the club face through to th hands.So high handicappers don't always feel like you have to use cavity irons .recommend new 712 3/4 irons wow straight as an arrow.Thankyou Titleist

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