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Titleist Smart Ball Markers

Gordon T


Does anyone know where I can buy a Titleist Smart Ball Marker (Scotty Cameron)

Say this review" Here’s a new, innovative Smart Ball Marker from the Titleist development team that will help you align the ball better while also preserving the location of the ball much better.

It’s called the Scotty Cameron Ball Tool and it’s the next generation in ball markers. It’s a flat, square piece of metal with a small semi-circular indention cut into one side where the golf ball goes. Stamped on the marker next to the indention is a series of alignment markers that allows the player to line up his putt even after he marks his ball"

Can not seem to find it on Amazon etc.  Is it still available and is it legal to use in tounaments (i.e. medal and stableford competitions)



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  1. Todd M

    Hi Gordon,

    Is this the marker, i hope Titleist reply as id like to get my hands on one too, i already have the scotty pitch mark repairer so this would be perfect to accompany. Looking at the Pro V1 i would say this was made a couple of years ago.

    Cheers Todd

  2. Chris B

    Hi Gordon,

    This was a limited Edition ball marker produced through the studio a few years ago.  Unfortunately we do not have access to these, so please go to regarding availability.



  3. Martin T

    Try The Cameron Collector which has a classified section for all kinds of wondrous Cameron stuff. You can also post a Would Like to Buy (WTB) ad.

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