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2014 accessories catalog

Thierry M

will we have the chance this year to see available in the UK:

- The Midsize Staff Bag

and the new StaDry range that have tremendously improved (StaDry Premier waterproof stand bag / StaDry waterproof cap / Premier umbrella) more suitable for the English weather?



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  1. Chris B

    Hi Thierry,

    Thanks for the question.  We will be offering some of these products in the UK for 2014 as well as some that are not available in the US range.  Stay tuned to Team Titleist and the website for further details.




  2. Thierry M

    this is an excellent news Chris.

    When are you planning to have the 2014 UK accessories catalog out, and will team Titleist UK be able to have a sneak preview (like the US one)?



  3. Richard M

    Hi there I've just joined team titleist and I must say titleist customer serive is super, I've just been fitted out for 913 d3 at my golf club which is edenmore golf club in Northern Ireland and the guy Pete was so helpfully. I just want to know is titleist gonna release the titleist allignment sticks I see some pros are using .. Thanks..

  4. Chris B

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the great feedback.  it is always good to hear these type of things.  In terms of the alignment sticks, we have no current plans to release them as a stock item.  However, stay tuned to Team Titleist as there may be a potential giveaway soon.



  5. Richard G

    I know you probably can't say but will the tour stand bag be available in the UK because for about 2/3 years i have wanted titleist to make one

  6. Barry K


    the following items caught my eye:

    1, The Staff Stand Bag

    2. The Stadry Premier Waterproof Stand Bag

    3. The Stadry Waterproof Buck Hat (does not have to be boring Black only)

    4. The Stadry Waterproof Cap (does not have to be boring Black only)

    5. The Premier Umbrella

    I have to admit that I like the Aussie and Bucket hats.

    Note: Titleist sell more golf balls in Florida than in the whole of Europe. And we get more rainfall than Florida.






  7. Guv280984

    I too would love to see the Titleist Midsize Staff Bag come to the UK... Titleist 714 AP2's on order for delivery 8th November, cannot wait!!

  8. Dave M

    Another here very interested in the Staff stand bag, looks fabulous.

  9. Craig A


    It goes without saying, I'd be very interested in "a potential giveaway" !!!!

  10. Lawrence B

    Chris, Do you have any further info on the availability of the 2014 Staff Stand Bag in the UK? I'm in the market for a new stand bag and this one's a beauty. There are a few on ebay but they're coming from the US with $99 PnP! Any info you have would be great. Thanks Lawrence
  11. Chris B

    Hi Lawrence,

    I can now confirm that this bag will be available in the UK from January next year, so please visit your local Titleist retailer to place your order.



  12. Iwan T

    Hi Titleist, will the Titleist midsize staff bag and the premier golf umbrella be available in the uk in 2014?


    Iwan T

  13. Daniel F

    Hi Chris,

    Has there been a u-turn on the Sta-Dry Premier Standbag coming to the UK market?



  14. Gary D

    Staff stand bag will be mine....fantastic again Titleist

  15. Chris B

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the question.  At this time we are not bringing the StaDry premiere bag into the UK market as we have decided to offer a StaDry cart bag instead.  However, we are continually monitoring demand, so stay tuned to Team Titleist for more information.



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