Scotty Cameron - Dual Balance Putters

Started by : Tom C |

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Tom C


Great to see that Scotty is going to release some counter balanced, or as he has branded it, dual balanced putters. Ive heard that the Futura X will be available in Dual Balance from November in the US, will that be the same for over here?

Any idea if any other models will be coming in the DB set up?




Team Titleist Staff

Chris B

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the question.  The Futura X Dual Balance putter will be released globally on Friday Nov. 15.  At this time, there are no plans to introduce any other Dual Balance versions, but stay tuned to Team Titleist for any updates to this.




Ross P

Putter looks great Chris, would love to try, any idea if any retailers offer putter fitting?



Team Titleist Staff

Chris B

Hi Ross,

These putters are now in store and available for purchase.  Most likely, anywhere that has it in stock will allow you to try it out.