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Titleist 714 AP2 Delivery



I have pre-ordered 714 AP2 Irons and I am really looking forward to getting them.

When are these likely to be shipped and delivered to my retailer this week?


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  1. David LM

    Hi Craig,

    All pre-orders for 714 irons are due to ship to our accounts today, so these should be there either tomorrow or Friday! Hope you enjoy putting your new irons into play!


    David TT

  2. Guv280984

    Super David, thanks for that.

    I have booked some time off work to collect them on Friday and can't wait to put them in play over the weekend.

    All the best,

  3. Mark W


    I've also ordered the ap2 714s but only ordered them Monday 4th November with my pro shop, will these also be due this week or is a bit early? Itching to get them in my bag :-)

    regards Mark 

  4. David LM

    Hi Mark, if you could let me know who you ordered your irons through, I will check the status. Thanks. David

  5. JEFF L

    Just taken delivery of my AP2/CB's. Had them fitted on the 27th and they arrived today.

    Awesome service with Mark Govier at the Machynys acadamy in Llanelli and Titleist.

    They feel like butter !

    Enjoy when you have them...


  6. Kieran C

    Received mine today they look fantastic just need to get out on the course now

  7. Guv280984

    Well I am thoroughly disappointed. My AP2 irons did not arrive today. The shop I ordered with received their standard order yesterday and only custom ordered AP1's were delivered today. Apparently the AP2's were sent out a little after the AP1's but did not make the shipment in time for delivery today!

    Can you please look into how this has happened? The shop in question is The Golf Spot in Bangor, Northern Ireland.


  8. Chris B

    Thanks for the update Jeff.  We are glad you have them and that you can experience the improvements we have made.  Let us know on Team Titleist how you have got on with them after a few weeks use.



  9. Chris B

    Hi Craig,

    Sorry to hear you did not receive your irons on Friday.  Sometimes delivery drivers are delayed in getting all of the shipments to their destinations on the same day.  Hopefully you have now received them, but I will chase the order up first thing in the morning to make sure this has happened.




  10. Guv280984

    Thanks Chris,

    I collected my irons this evening and I am delighted with them. Cannot wait to get them into play this weekend.

    I believe there was a hold up getting these despatched last week as the AP1 irons were delivered on Friday without any issues but the AP2's seem to have been delayed.

    I am hoping to order a Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance putter, 36 inches and 2 degrees flat. I believe this will take around 3-5 weeks to build and be delivered from the States. Anyway on improving this lead time?



  11. George D

    Hi David, I have ordered my new irons 714 mb/cb and they are coming from st Ives. I ordered them at the London golf show on Saturday so when would I be likely to get them? 



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