Need help! Club Fitting Booking Problem

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Aik Chye H

Hi All,

I encountered a problem of trying to book for alot for the clun fitting in your website. After choosing the place, in my case is in Sentosa, I am unable to proceed further to book my slot. ther sinply nothing I can click to make it work. Kind assist or provcide any contact that I can call to book the slot.

I am impressed with the club after attending the demo in Marina Bay and decided to try first time the Titleist club after been playing golf ans using other brand for the past 10 years. It will be great if I can get my fitting done and just ready for the newly launched 714 model. I hope to get my new club bt end of this month to be ready for my upcoming golf trip to Indonesia.

Look forward to your immediate response. Many thanks. 


Best Regards,

David Heng    


Neo T


I'm also having difficulty making a booking for club fitting. Kindly advise if there is an alternative booking channel? Thanks.