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Titleist Lanyards


Retired Air Force Vet and now DoD Air Force Civilian, and while at work we has to display our security badges, Can anyone tell me where I can find Titleist Lanyards, would love to represent the team while at work, thx's

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  1. Glatt

    Thank you for your service. While I'm new to the TT forums, after doing a little digging it looks like a majority of the Titleist swag is distributed to contributing members via surprise mailings - the more you contribute, the better your chances that TT will reward you with a little swag.

    Swing slow.
  2. Jason C

    From what I understand, Glatt is correct. I have found some for sale on sites like eBay, I too have been looking for one. Thank you for your service and hopefully you will receive one soon.
  3. Rob_Roth1

    Correct get involved and a surprise might show up at your door

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