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Yardage Book Cover

Chris H

Any recommendations on custom yardage book covers? I have a nice one, but it’s too rigid and the leather is just too darn stiff. Thanks.

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  1. Dale V

    Check out
  2. Garrison M

    T.I.N Box Partners are the best on the market, in my opinion. Used by many Tour pros and college players, they offer the widest selection and complete customization. They are a little expensive, but are genuine leather. I am now a freshman in college and I've been using mine for 6 years. I think they are worth the price and there is nothing better
  3. Hendy

    Iliac makes some nice ones. A little pricey though.
  4. Gary D

    Vokey website has a leather yardage book that looks nice, but a little pricey.
  5. Todd T

    If you want an exotic skin, hit up Jacob Hill or Patrick Gibbons..
  6. Chuck Z

    Dale V

    Check out

  7. Chris H

    These definitely look nice, how was it when you first got it? I have an Appalachian Leatherworks one, and after several years of abuse it still is rigid.
  8. Chris H

    Those are nice, maybe a bit more that my 9 & 11 yr old daughters want to spend on dear ol Dad.
  9. Chris H

    Thanks all....TIN box looks promising.

    I don’t think my kids want to spend that much allowance on me for a Patrick Gibbons or Jacob Hill.
  10. Dwayne N

    I picked up a nice one on the vokey website and didn't have to break the bank
  11. Ronanraff

    The Titleist Vokey one is good but a little large. Iliac are great but you need to rob a bank. Tin Box look super and the one I use is from Ace of Clubs which is not bad but more functional.
  12. Ronanraff

    No problem. Haven't been well so only back on the forum. Missed it!

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