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Drooping legs on 2017 Players Bag


I know it's been an issue on some of the other bag models, but I've been using my 2017 Players 5 Stand bag since mid summer and the legs hang/droop quite noticeably, to the point that you can feel them when you're walking.

I've taken a suggestion from several others by sliding the plastic retainer clip, found on the metal support stems, upward, but the problem seems to get worse as the bag ages.

Hopefully we can see a design tweak for 2018?

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  1. SAnderson

    I've noticed that with my 2016 Titleist bag and had it before that with other manufacturers too. Not ideal if you are getting it on a bag that's less than a year old, unless it's been well used
  2. SRichardson

    My staff stand bag does the same thing. Along with my strap issue, I hope they tweak both designs.
  3. Andy K

    my new player 5 does the same thing. It drives me nuts. I have gone back to my 6 year old titleist bag that does not have droopy legs. And not to mention the player 5 is a lot heavier then i expected it to be.
  4. JoeyC

    At least I'm not the only one with an issue; admittedly, I did purchase early in the season (didn't start using until later in the summer) and might have had an early production run?

    It's gotten brutal to walk with, but even empty and standing upright on it's base it's bad.
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