Whats Comparable to a Nike One Vaporspeed

Started by : Gordon F |

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Gordon F

Just Curious as to what is comparable in the Titleist line to the Nike One Vaporspeed? I've also noticed that the non conforming grooves rip the covers off the vaporspeed relatively easy. Do the new conforming grooves do the same? has the testing been done on longevity of the ball. Thanks.

Tom S.

Well I ve played that Vapor Speed a couple rounds that I got as a stocking stuff and i just purchased a dozen of the new Titleist Velocity and noticed from my experience that they are  about the same ball flight and noticed if you miss a shot with an iron and skull your shot that the velocity scuff easy like the vapor speed!

Don O

By virtue of being a 3 piece ball with an ionamer cover "for amateurs", the closest Titleist ball would be a NXT Tour. I'll let the TT folks comment on the durability of the NXT Tour cover with non-conforming and conforming groves. The Velocity may be a more comparable model for the intended marketplace even though it is a 2 piece ball

Nate S

NXT tour s or maybe a prov1x

Gordon F

Great, thanks for the replys, I'll see how they hold up when my new wedges show up, i may look into the balls you have listed above.