which ball is right for me?

Started by : Kaelyn |

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so i am 17 (7 hdcp)... average about 250 of the tee(260-270 on a good day) and i pretty successful around the greens. i am trying to work on spinning my partial shots and would like to know which ball will keep my distance the same with minimal spin off the tee, but allow me to make the ball check up around the greens. let me know what you think

John L

what ball do u currently use and whats your price range if you can afford the prov's at your age look into it. i would say go ahead and start using prov'x's because your still going to pick up a few more yards in coming years and you may as well start learning to check the ball up now with that model but no matter what you chose stick with it. the ball is the one piece of equipment you use every shot. so consistency is important. 

Ahmad R

Prov1x for sure