I can't find the perfect ball.

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Anthony Z

Hi there, 

I'll start by telling you a little bit about me.  I have about a 2 handicap, my driver swing speed is roughly 115mph, and I can't find a good ball for my game.  I'm a senior in high school and I have used a different ball practically all 4 years.  I just can't find the right ball for my game.

 When I started high school, I used the Pro V1x.  Then, my sophomore year, I switched to a Bridgestone E6+ and I never really noticed much of a difference, probably because I wasn't good enough to back then.  My junior year I started with the Pro V1x  and realized I was getting way too much spin on shots from about 100-150 yards.  If I landed anywhere from the front of the green to near center, I would spin it back either off the green, or almost off the green.  This absolutely killed me when the pin was in the back of the green.  So I switched to the Srixon Z-Star X, which was okay, but I never particularly liked it.  It had a similar problem to the Velocity that I will talk about later in this post.

This year, I decided to try the Pro V1x again, (third time's the charm) in general, I am good enough now that when the pin is in the front I can throw the ball past it and spin it back, but I'm still not good enough to deal with center pins or pins in the back, unless I'm more than 150 yards out.  I saw an ad for the Velocity and thought it might be the solution, so I tried it.  I liked it to begin with, because it just stops within about +/- 1 foot from 100-150 yards and rolls out about 3-6ft with the longer irons, which is almost exactly what I was looking for, but I did find something I didn't like.  From ~25-60 yards I get virtually no check whatsoever, and that is a problem.  So, after writing this book, (sorry), I guess to summarize, I'm looking for something that spins more than a Velocity and less than a Pro V1x and is still a quality ball.  I've looked and looked and never really found what I was looking for.  I've played practically every ball out there and nothing felt just right for my game.   I'm just looking for some suggestions on what to try, and also if you think I should just stick with what I'm already using (V1x or Velocity depending on the day or hole)

Thanks! Sorry again for writing a small novel.  

gary b

Anthony Z do u have older club  or the newer club that conform  to the new rule on grooves ? with a game of 2 hdcp u should be playing newer conforming club. Or is it  time to work on your angle of attack for spin or a little release.  I would play pro v's and work on my shot shape more,  u got game!

Clinton M

have you tryed the pro v1?


if the ProV1 or V1X don't work for you, you need to practice the shots that are missing from your arsenal - both of these are the perfect ball, so you should be able to use either one with great success

David Browning

Brent W

It sounds like you got game. I would try hitting 3/4 to 1/2 shots at those back pins and take some spin off them. Are the greens you play on soft? Or do spin them on firm greens also?

Again I am sure you have heard this before but try to hit "golf shots" instead of just distances.

Have you tried the NXT Tour? it might be a good fit.

I was going to suggest the NXT Tour as well. The best way to find a ball to your liking is to just, say, buy a sleeve of like the NXT Tours, DT Solo's, or another Titleist ball and go out and practice with them. Hit some long shots, short shots, putts, bunker shots, drives, etc.. Keep us up to date and let us know if you need any more help.

alex s

Have you tried the nxt tour -s perhaps that would answer your delima on getting a right golf ball for you. actually this ball will give you a moderate spin rate that ables you to control your 100-150 yds shot. the softness i guess would also be the same as prov1x.  Am pretty sure this will help you a lot. goodluck!

Dan W

Hello Anthony,

You definitely got game but the ball doesnt spin itself. Have your coach/teaching pro teach you how to hit that shot with dead hands so you don't spin it so much. (That being said, you'd still whip my butt six ways from Sunday!).

Good luck.