Is it the wrong ball?

It sounds like you may be getting a little steep at impact (as suggested in an earlier thread).  If you are moving the ball back in your stance and are still struggling to keep the ball down, then you may have a tendency to get too steep - especially if this is also happening in your driver swing.

Too many swing thoughts can be a terrible thing, but when I find myself getting steep, I make sure that I am swinging through the ball.  Every once in a while, I will struggle with basically hitting at the ball instead of letting the ball get in the way of my swing.

Good luck!

tell me is your grip really strong. Sometimes this can cause the driver to have a very high angle at impact.

I have to agree with Daniel, grip is important. Just last year my boyfriend fitted me with Titleist clubs (he works for Titleist)  and has been giving me lessons.  One of the simplest and effective changes we made was my grip.  He had me loosen it a bit.  Saw an immediate difference. 


I think the short answer to your problem is, MAYBE, yes. If you try the pro v1 and it doesn't work out , bstone makes a wonderful product as well. I play in Wyoming and the wind blows in excess of 30 MPH 300 days a year.  I know what you mean and have struggled with the same thing in the past. Mile high rocket balls in a gale is never a good thing. To keep the ball down in 40+MPH wind, I tend to address the ball Less than an inch further back than normal and attack it on a more "sweeping" plane. I also tee my ball Slightly lower. If you were casually looking at my method. you may not even notice any of these changes, but the results are dramatic. I hope some of this helps. I love Titleist equipment. Most all of my gear is titleist. But if I chance upon something that fit my game and conditions better, I will all the way rock that. If changing to pro v1 is your fix, great. If you need to change your approach on windy days, and that works, so be it. But, if none of that works, Keep and open mind, and remember that Titleist is not the only game in town, and it is HARD to find a BAD golf ball from a reputable company now a days.  With the reputation Titleist has, I would think they would want you playing their ball because it is the right ball for YOU.  Not because they have all these fan boys on their band wagon.   

Thanks, Jeff. I will try your suggestions.

BTW, I've tried several other balls, but I always end up back with Titleist. What I need to do is try several different ones on the same day and see what happens. Part of the problem with this is that my main course is public, so it's hard to practice the same shot multiple times without holding up the group behind.

I look forward to my usual high draw shot coming down a little lower.

Good luck, buddy. Titleist makes some of the BEST products on the market, and I love the fact that they don't just repackage and try to tell you it is new and improved. They seem to constantly move forward, but I do miss some of the old product lines. Hope you find a good solution.

They sure do. My bag has been mostly Titleist since 1991, and as of last year every club is a Titleist. I've demoed others, but I never found anything to take me away. Sometimes, it simply comes down to I like the look and feel. I'm sticking with my 910MBs, 910 woods, and SC putter.

Once the snow clears a bit up here, I plan on getting the video camera out again. If I can get the swing back to relative form, I will see if I can get in front of a Trackman to see what the hell I'm doing. Even though I score well (My index is 5.5), I think lowering my ball flight will help improve things. Too often I see that high ball get pushed around by the wind.