swing speed/shaft flex

I am an 11 handicap golfer and have a swing speed of 90-95.

It has been suggested I try a lightweight bassara stiff shaft in my 913 d3 driver. Results on trial were good but I have not used stiff shafts in 30 years. I am 60 years of age and pretty fit.

What do you think.

Alan P.

Is this from a fitting where you were tried on both the Bassara and Blue shafts in both flexes?  I'm only at 84-87 but otherwise similar.  The big box only had Bassara in soft and Blue in regular.  The primary advantage of the Bassara is there should be a speed increase with a lighter shaft.  There was no change in speed (sigh) with the lighter shaft for me.  My spin rate and smash factor on the regular Blue were better than with the Bassara.  I actually liked the feel of the 62 g shaft better than the 50 g Bassara. That may have been a swing weight issue - it seemed easier to keep on plane.

So long as you like the feel and the numbers are there, go with it.  Normally, far too many golfers get a stiff shaft that would do better with a softer flex.  But then again, flex is not a standard, either.

Yes, this was at a fitting centre where I tried a range of shafts The bassara gave me equal distance - about 230 but a better cluster distribution.

I am hoping the combination of lightweight and stiff are best for me but as I said before was a bit wary when stiff was mentioned.

The driver felt good with the shaft but then again they all felt pretty good.

Thanks for the reply.

Alan as a fitter when you get fit do not look at the specs of the shafts just hit them and rely on the numbers the shaft that yields the best numbers should be the one you game regardless of weight flex etc. as a fitter I would look at the weight first to determine which weight shaft and swing weight gets you on plane hitting the center of the face more consistently and then worry about flex. Once you get the shaft weight and swing weight correct the rest works itself out. More consistent center hits yields higher ball speed which is greater distance. Swing speed is overrated doesn't matter how fast you swing if you hit it off the toe or heel. Try an outdoor Titleist tour van demo day hit a bunch of different shafts not just one or two. Good luck!